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Next Generation Learning Management System

Engage, Connect and Empower the Workforce Learning Experience


Easy to Use Course Authoring and Delivery Tools

Create Interactive and Engaging Online Content in a Few Simple Clicks


To meet the employment challenge of developing a knowledge-based workforce in a global competitive environment—training managers must provide learning and development programs that are adaptive, flexible, and focused for the future.


Campus Factory's Employee Development Platform is designed for dead-simple creation and delivery of self-paced online learning, live real-time courses, and blended learning programs.


With an industry-leading course design environment, training managers can produce engaging, interactive learning and coaching settings that help students both gain and retain knowledge.

Intuitive and Automatic Course Administration

Spend less time with grading and administration... more time teaching


Spend less time with cumbersome course mechanics, and more time fostering learning in your on-line classroom.


Campus Factory automates the entire learning management process, from learner registration and enrollment, to assessment tracking and reporting, communication, and certification.


Repetition has its place in the learning process, but who needs practice rescheduling due dates?When you create or update an assignment in Campus Factory, it automatically populates the syllabus and calendar, so you can maximize your effectiveness by minimizing repetitive tasks.


And with the Campus Factory repository, you’ll save even more time easily sharing resources between courses or by cloning entire courses.

Additional Feature Highlights

Cloud-Based Extensible Platform for Instant Delivery and Feature Deployment


Intelligent, robust and reliable learning platform that lives in the cloud where your data is secure and always running the latest version of our software, Campus Factory was designed to get you up & running with digital learning in minutes.


Analytics and Dashboards

With dashboard views customized for students, teachers and administrators, Campus Factory takes course data to a whole new level. Analytics give students continuous feedback and enable teachers to measure effectiveness of content, view learning outcomes and intervene when students need extra help.



Campus Factory's user interface can be configured to reflect your organization’s brand and emphasize your training and communications priorities.


Responsive Web Design - Mobile Enabled

Learning happens everywhere. That’s why Campus Factory's adaptive user interface provides an engaging and effective learner experience regardless of whether content is being accessed on traditional computers, tablets or phones. Campus Factory takes learning way beyond the classroom.



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To compete and thrive in today's knowledge economy, enterprises large and small need leading-edge tools that can deliver continuous learning and development programs throughout their employees career.


Meet Campus Factory, your partner in building  the future of employee development.

Campus Factory's philosophy is to advance employee development by making online courses more experiential, interactive, and collaborative.



By fostering online collaboration, team work and project-based learning, our online learning platform nurtures problem solving, collaboration, and leadership skills while addressing specific topics and business opportunities.

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